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3 Tips on how to pitch to Companies- Let's land your next Brand Deal


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  • Now, judge me or not when I say this but being a Stay At Home Mom is weeeird! I have the most incredible job! The most important responsibility I will ever have in my entire life. Yet, some how I don't feel like I do enough. The jobs of a Parent are ENDLESS. I don't need to list every. SINGLE. THING we do every day - yet I sit here some days beating myself up because I don't bring in the GREEN. I can't say Hey, I'll pay rent this month, but what you don't hear is, How are we going to balance both our work schedules?! Because I'm here. We're always there. One thing I have control over is routine. I found a good routine that fits my family so I was able to find a few hours each week to start really investing in myself. I want to make money. What am I good at? I'm really good at making 78263 meals that no ones eats.... and taking 5,000 pictures of my kids... I'm really good at talking (cause ya know 3 years old can hold a conversation as well as a rock so when my husband comes home I CANNOT STOP TALKING!) BIIIIIINGGGGOOO I'M GOING TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER. OK, now hear me out before you're like okkkk everyone is a photographerrrrr. OK, honestly I don't really know where I was going with that except for ... WHO CARES IF EVERYONE IS A PHOTOGRAPHER! Most people have cars! You won't see my happy ass walkin' cause everyone has one! I'm like hell ya I'm driving too! Every car has different features, right? Well, you can stand out even though there are 987467 photographers out here! Here is my method! 1. I'M YOUR BIGGEST FAN INVEST AND DATE NIGHT DUH Go to your favorite restaurant at an odd hour 3pm? (unless you give no shits go whenever) Order an Appetizer two drinks two meals a dessert! Take AT LEAST 10 high quality images - I USE MY IPHONE! Switch to portrait mode and the quality is incredible for a beginner! Don't have an IPHONE? Do you have a camera? If not I really recommend getting one! Get the restaurants contact information off of their website or just go for it- talk to the manager and ask for it! Send them an email showing your support for the business, tell them a little bit about your BIZ and send them the photos (with your logo across it so there's no miss understanding) showing them how incredible their product is! Our end goal here is to show you are a loyal customer and start a partnership with them! Who knows this could have been on their list of things to do (update their website/new menu photos/social media marketing- ANYTHING!) You could make their day or they can thank you for your time and loyalty and say no thank you! Either way you now have great photos for your portfolio and you had a FOOD FRENZIE date night! 2. Show them unique locations Do you have unique locations in your city? Do you know a few great places that people would want to visit? I live in Utah and we have breathtaking mountain views, wildflowers popping up everywhere and wild horses that drink from water falls! SERIOUSLY! Take advantage of your city and pitch to brands showing them the locations and how their product would work there! Get them hooked! Leave them wanting more! Here is "mock shot" of what I sent a brand showing them how I would showcase their product! They loved it and I was contracted to 5 unique picture$$ with their product$$! MONEY IN THE BANK! I really hope this can inspire you! This has been such an incredible source of income for our family! Even if you don't want to be a " photographer " I hope this sparks some creativity in your personal life and you start remembering everything you're good at - besides you know-being a BAD ASS MAMA! Remember to be gentle with yourself. We created humansssssss! ok, ilu. Subscribe - Never miss out on these tips DROP A COMMENT - I DROP A SHOUT OUT ON MY INSTA !
  • There are so many "classes" out there right now that make this whole Instagram world look easy. Well, guess what - it's not! You have to be able to spend time building a BRAND. You need to think of your Instagram as [ABC- NBC- MTV- E!] You need to create this brand where people go to you for information! They go to you for the latest fashion trends, make-up tutorial or mom-hack. It takes dedication and perseverance! And a lot of rejection. If you are serious about stepping up your social media game and want my advice, then LETS DO THIS I have 25 free 20 minute sessions to give out to my loyal subscribers! We can talk on the phone, video chat or email! Whatever you feel comfortable with! My passion is to hep others live the life they always dreamed about. To live care free. To buy their children WHATEVER they see fit. I want to see you accomplish all of you goals. As Becca from The Bachelorette would say: LET'S DO THE DAMN THING
  • There's so much BUZZ goin' around about TAXES! If you are an Influencer and receive free product and or PAID COLLABS you will need to claim ALL OF IT! "OK, not ALL OF IT." - NO SERIOUSLY ALL OF IT. HERE ARE 3 TIPS TO STAY ORGANIZED LET'S BE PREPARED TO PAY QUARTERLY / YEARLY TAXES 1. PUT AWAY AT LEAST 30% Are you stoked you got a $300 collab! I WOULD BE TOO - Well, tell yourself you got a $210 collab 30% of $300 is $90 $300[original collab price] -$90[taxes] =$210 right into your pocket! $90 into a savings account! I really recommend doing this from the start - or starting now so you don't get into the mind set of they're taking my money come tax season. OK, I know no mater what it's going to SUCK but that's life! THANK YOU, NEXT [iluari] 2. WRITE DOWN- TRACK- RECORD ALL COLLABS I STARTED WITH 4 SEPARATE PAGES - PAID COLLABS OVER $100 PAID COLLABS UNDER $100 PRODUCT COLLABS OVER $100 PRODUCT COLLABS UNDER $100 I then go into detail on each one- Agreed price and Time frame __ Waiting on product __ Collab received TOP PRIORITY- re-check Time frame __ Completed __ Posted __ Paid __ Your list/tracking sheet can be set up any way you like 3. Look Into Your State Laws and See If You Qualify As a "Business" or a "Hobby" The only thing in life that's certain is death and taxes. Please looking into tax laws. If you make more than $600 in 1 calendar year you have to file taxes. Product, paid collabs, trips and so much more are counted towards that! PLAY IT SAFE AND take implement these tips! IF YOU FOUND THESE TO BE HELPFUL - SHARE THESE TIPS AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO SUBSCRIBE 10+ PLACES TO FIND COLLABS HOW TO GET AUTHENTIC ENGAGEMENT ON INSTAGRAM TIPS TO HT 10,000 FOLLOWERS ON INSTAGRAM
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