May 18

My six weeks of unpaid maternity leave was about to be up and I was headed back to work. I was going to be away from my son for 9+ hours a day. I couldn't even think about leaving my baby without so
Jul 15

Barefoot Parenting Chances are high when you hear barefoot parenting your first thoughts are...  a bunch of hippies breastfeeding their babies with their shoes off... am I right?  I feel like this a n
Apr 22

What is one of the greatest things you can give your child? Self confidence! We have one obligation and that is to set our children up for success, to make them a productive member of society. Here
Mar 29

Parents everywhere can relate - I love you to death, but I just don't want to make you dinner tonight! We've all been there! If you are in a rut or just need some inspiration to step up your food ga
Mar 6

Basics   Sweet or Salty? Money or Fame? Tea or Coffee? Vanilla or Chocolate? Coca-Cola or Pepsi? Comedy or Horror? Boat or Plane? Plastic or Paper? Singing or Dancing? Hot dogs or Hamburgers? Ketc
Sep 17

I'm always looking for fun activities for my kiddos and I to do together! I came across SPLASHANDSMASH on Instagram and we are obsessed with all of her ideas, so we had to share! here are 5 messy p
Jan 12

We've all heard it. You either love it or hate it: PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON! Every fan girls go to drink of the season, c'mon people! After PUMPKIN SPICE SEASON, it's PEPPERMINT MOCHA SEASON. Well, wh
Sep 13

Sargento® Cheese Slices - Pizza Dunk’rz When it comes to snack time and meal time I’m always so torn. I want it to be interactive with my kids so they can learn how to cook - Get their hands messy in
Jul 11

When your kids get to the age where they're starting school - it's a REAL HARD adjustment. YOU- MOM I'M TALKING TO YOU! Our babies are STARTING SCHOOL! As hard as it is for us, think about our littles
Oct 24

#peterrabbitpartner It's snack time! What's the first thing that comes to mind? For me, it's something fast, easy to clean-up and nutritional! Peter Rabbit Organics pouches are our go-to snack! Made
Mar 25

Have you heard of the W/💜| With Love By Taylor movement that's sweeping across the Nation? What's it all about? W/💜| With Love By Taylo r movement is taking this nation by storm! It is all about -
Feb 28

Have you been looking for a Clothing Subscription Box for your kids only to be hesitant because you don't actually want to subscribe ? Well, your wishes have been answered. This is Mac & Mia and it's
Feb 14

This Valentine’s Day we are doing a #WIFE #MOM #BOSS feature! This year it’s Galentine’s day! When you're looking for friendships, What are some qualities you look for? I look for Someone who i
Oct 8

Have you had a dream or goal you wanted to accomplish for a while now? Then one day you finally get that sign, a sign that gives you that feeling of this is it-it’s time to do it . Well, my trigge
Jul 18

Home Decor Switch Up - Changing A Few Things Around Your House Will Give It A Whole New Vibe! When you have a new guest at your home what is the one thing you want? I want them to be comfortable! I
Oct 19

Calling all Fashionistas! SASSY - FIERCE - TOTAL STUD MUFFIN When you shop at a small business, an actual person gets validation that their hard work is paying off! Boutique owners hand pick what g
Oct 19

When planning a Family Vacation - SO many things come in to play. Location -COST - if it's suitable for children or not! You may be a planner or a spontaneous vacationer, either way our main goal on v
Mar 19

Your Father passes away and you think you can turn to your Step Mom. What do you do when you have family members that turn on you? When they try to act like you were the only problem? When you’re le
Oct 28

"When i open up a book, it's like a whole new world Mama!" M.G.Noorda 1. Freeda the frog - Nadine Haruni The Gold Mom's Choice Award-winning Freeda the Frog™ Children's Book series focuses on awarene
Jan 22

1. Everyone and their mom will give you advice. They will even start off with “I know you probably don’t want my advice but... “ 2. You will be wiping their a$$ forever! OK obviously I’m exaggeratin
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