Dec 30, 2018

5 Ways Stay At Home Moms Can Make Money


Edited: Apr 19



My six weeks of unpaid maternity leave was about to be up and I was headed back to work. I was going to be away from my son for 9+ hours a day. I couldn't even think about leaving my baby without sobbing!

I was desperate.

I was that mom, that mom that was up late at night googling, "how can a stay at home mom make money?"

I'll never forget how much time I spent researching and everything I found was

‘take this survey’

‘download this app’

'pay these fees to start climbing a pyramid scheme!'


None of these had worked for me. 


Then I heard the term local-fluencer and micro-fluencer


The only time I’ve heard of a “social media influencer” was in the bio of 80% of the bachelor/bachelorette contestants.

I won’t lie- I may or may not have made a joke about it to my hubby. 


Well, I thought to myself what do I have to lose. I’ve had 2 children, I have no boundaries! 


If you want to be a Stay at Home Mom but you have to help contribute financially, some how-then these 5 ways to make money are going to be perfect for you!


If you are looking for gas to fill your tank every few weeks, money for your kids extra curricular activities or the God honest truth of I have bills to pay I need to make real money! 


Well, I didn’t give up searching for ways to make money and be a stay at home Mom. I have found 5 ways- and I've tested them all! I subscribed to a few that I thought had integrity and really was about service. 


Well, I’m one of “those people” the ones you hear about trying something they saw online that would make them money and it really did make them money! 


These 5 ways for Stay at Home Moms or ANYONE to make money, have been tested by this Mama and they all have been approved!




These are real sites I am apart of and I have made real money.

I am not sponsored in anyway on this post. 

I could never find information for Stay at Home Moms to make real money, so I’m posting this blog.

This is meant to help you or someone you know make some extra cash on the side*



1. AmbassadHer

How it works: sign up for an account and get matched with brands!

You receive free products and cash rewards to promote brands! 


This is great because they support mico -fluencers meaning you don’t have to have 1,000 followers! You can have 100 and still promote!



Febreze paid post on Instagram: $25 

Seaweed BathCo. Paid post on Instagram: $30

Sun Tropics paid post on Instagram: $25 

You can make money by posting on Instagram!

Who doesn't already do that??

Well, you could be making money and doing it! 




2. Local Fluence

How it works: Become a Local Influencer by creating an account at

Browse offers from your Favorite local brands. Tell them which offers you’re interested in promoting by a simple click!

If you are matched they send you local offers 



Free Entrée and a drink at The Rising Bun

Free entrée and drink at Costa Vida 

Free drink and a cookie at Swig

Free box of cookies at Crumbl Cookies 


Then you post about it on social media! 


How many of you have taken a picture of your food or your kids eating and posted it?


Plus, you’re supporting your community! 




3. Poshmark-US ONLY

How it works: Posh Mark is a digital market place where people can sell new or used clothing, shoes and accessories. 

If you haven’t heard of it, now you have! 

You can sit in your own home and sell your quality items that have just been sitting around for months!

I have had great experiences and so have my followers on my Instagram account Mamanowwhat 

Find high end, quality name brand items for way less than they retail! 

Do you have something you could sell? Just a few clicks and you could make a few bucks! 



Our referral code is MAMANOWWHAT-

you get $5 and we get $5 after your first purchase!



4. Shutter Stock

How it works: Do you have quality photos that you’ve said “wow this should be in a magazine” well why not try it!

At Shutterstock you can submit your photos or videos and if they get picked up you get paid! What are the chances my photo will earn me money?? Well, Zero if you don’t try!

Anywhere from .25cents to $150! 




5. Massive Sway

This one is huge!

So many of my followers on MamaNowWhat have landed $500+ deals with Massive Sway! It does take A little bit of time to get your profile set but the time (15 minutes) it takes you, you will see the return! 

How it works: Want to make money from the content you create and work with brands you love? Sign up and make a profile! Get matched with your favorite Brands! Post on social media and earn REAL money!



These are 5 proven ways you can make some extra money!


Yes, these all have to do with social media.

Yes, there is going to be effort on your part.

Will it be worth it? 



Are you turned away by the term influencer?

Are you thinking, I don’t have a huge following base this won’t work for me.


YES it will!


I had 175 followers when I started!

I just hit 7,000!


If you already post on social media- you could be making money doing this!

Companies are looking to invest in mico-fluencers! Local companies need YOU!


What are you waiting for?

They want to invest in you!

Let’s start making money!!


If you are apart of any of these programs- let’s us know! 

If you try any of these out and make some cash, let Mama know!


Comment below!! 


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Dec 30, 2018

I’ve been looking for ways to make extra money! I’m going to try some of these! Thanks

Dec 31, 2018

Awesome!! Let us know if you land any collabs!!

Dec 30, 2018

This is amazing!!! Always looking for new and different ways to make a little extra money!!! Your so relatable!!! Love your blog!!!!

Dec 31, 2018

So glad you can relate! Let us know if you get any deals from local fluence! I heard in Scottsdale 'Mad Greens' has a free salad and drink! how cool!! DATE DAY

@mamanowwhat I was selected after signing up for the localfluence!! So excited!! Thanks for this great blog post!!

Dec 31, 2018

When you sign up for Shutterstock, is that their affiliate program?

Dec 31, 2018

Hi Cortney! No we did not sign up to be an affilate. We are a Shutterstock contributor. We uploaded our own photos and earn money each time one of our approved images or videos is downloaded by a Shutterstock customer!

Dec 31, 2018

They do have an affiliate but we are not apart of that

Thank you so much for this! I have been trying to reach out to people with success with no luck 😕 so this made my day!

Hey Brittany! One of our fans, Ashli- a few comment above- had success with a few of these too! Have you applied to any of these yet? Sometimes it takes a month or so, I know Local Fluence posts their new collabs on the 1st of the month and they go fast!

This is so insightful! Some of these resources i had no idea about!! Great post!

So glad these were helpful! If you sign up for any of these and get a collab- let us know!!

We made $90 bucks last month with Ambassadher and we got a few collabs with localfluence that we need to redeem

Jan 10

This is an awesome blog. So useful for when I become a mum! Thanks for share.

I really should have titled it, 5 WAYS ANYONE CAN MAKE SOME EXTRA MONEY- because you don't have to be a Mom to apply to all of these!

Thank you so much for the great information! Do you have a referral code for Poshmark? cleaned my closet and I’m considering asking some clothes on there. Thanks girl 😘

Hey Nicky! Yes we have a referral code for POSHMARK! You can use code MAMANOWWHAT

Jan 20

This is what I have always searched for. A post about how to make money from my IG account with actual leads! I can’t thank you enough💗

YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! I'm so glad you found it helpful!!

Your blog is fantastic, thank you for sharing such great advice, I will definitely try this and let you know how I get that on 💖

THANK YOU!!! I hope you make some money!!

I'm so glad I came across mamanowwhat there is so much helpful advice on here me and my mother have been looking for ways to make extra money from home since they adopted the kids years ago having three little ones again has been tough financially and even with me here like a 3rd parent it's still tough so we are going to try these out I'll let you know how it works out thanks for the info and advice your the best!

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