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Family Vacation - Carnival Cruise Line - The Good, The bad and the "I never thought of that!"

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When planning a Family Vacation - SO many things come in to play. Location -COST - if it's suitable for children or not! You may be a planner or a spontaneous vacationer, either way our main goal on vacation is to have a good time!


Have you ever considered going on a family Cruise?

Well, here you will find untold details - YOU WON'T FIND ANYWHERE ELSE.






The Rooms

The Carnival Cruise has 4 types of rooms.

Interior, Ocean View, Balcony and Suite.

This family vacation we all upgraded to the suites!



No matter what room you decide on, you get all these perks...


Dedicated room Steward - who spoils you!!

Comfortable bedding

Plenty of closet and drawer space for those who totally unpack their bags

My FAV - BIG COZY BATH ROBES! For those who know me - I WILL BOOK A ROOM JUST FOR THEIR BATH ROBES! I'm that crazy!

Television for those who need some time in the room to relax, or who need some noise to fall asleep.

In room safe for your belonging you want secure!




Your Safety

When planning a vacation, especially on water, you want to make sure you feel safe! Once you're settled on the ship, they do what is called a "Muster Drill" A Muster Drill is an exercise that is conducted by the crew of the ship prior to embarking.



During the drill, anyone with children, get special attention. They show you how to properly put on an infant life jacket and all children and parents are given a bracelet. This is in case your child is not with you, they know where this child needs to be in case of an emergency! If you're like OMG WHY ISN'T YOUR CHILD WITH YOU! They have child care on the ship! I REPEAT THEY HAVE CHILD CARE ON THE SHIP!! YES, you may put your hands in the air and wave them like you just don't care! No worries, we won't tell your kids!


Everything Carnival does is to ensure we are safe!



Sing it with me...

Got Front and back, and side to side...... k back to business....


Front to back -

Top to Bottom Fun


No matter where you are on the cruise ship.... YOU'RE ON A CRUISE SHIP! IT'S SPECTACULAR!



Inside the ship

Out on the pool deck!

They provide life jackets!


They use salt water!

Sports Square!

Fun exercise equipment!


but you won't catch me gettin' pictures of that place!

Teachin' him the way!

Madison being so cute!

She didn't like the fake grass so she didn't move from this spot!

Zachary Hodo pro mini golfer!

Enjoying our time together!

We live in 3 different state so getting us all together is a big deal!

Taking FULL ADVANTAGE of the balcony while the fam had our kiddos!

I was spying on him from inside the suite and he started to stretch!

hunk-A hunk- A burnin' love!

Gazing out the window pretending what it's like to be a mermaid!

Ensenada, Mexico


This Carnival Cruise we went on was to Ensenada, Mexico! We didn't want to take the kids off the ship so my parents stayed on the ship with them and they had all kinds of adventures! This trip to Mexico was all about us!


When in MEXICO!

We were shopping and I asked if they had a Gucci Belt.. and it turned into my brother dropping $1,000 on Louis Vuitton!


Shop drunk in mexico at your own risk.


My husband and I got matching braids!


You can't go to Mexico and not try their salsa and guac!








Now for the not so good stuff...

We decided to take our vacation on Mother Nature.. that being said we were supposed to go to Catalina Island for the day but it was cancelled due to hazardous weather conditions.



Everything Carnival Cruise line does is to ensure we are safe. So it was a bummer it got cancelled but there are SO many things to do on the ship! Go to the Piano Bar, Go gamble, lay out by the pool, go down the water slides, go dance on stage, play the " life size " games they have by the pool! Drink or just sit at the bar and meet new people! Everyone on the ship is so happy and friendly!


If you get motion sickness - prepare and bring medicine! They do have a convenient store on the ship but it's best to come prepared! If you have trouble with balance - remember you are on a ship, which means we're on water and you are constantly "swaying" back and forth.

For at least 4 days after you get off the ship, you will have a "rocking" feeling!



Second not so fun thing was.. YOU CAN STILL GET SICK ON VACATION...






"This is where I make my money back!"

NAME THAT EPISODE OF FRIENDS! Drop your correct answer below and MAMANOWWHAT will give you a shout out!



The food is unlimited! I mean unlimited. If you need to be fancy and order the Lobster Tail, ok it's not unlimited.

Breakfast - Lunch - Diner - Snacks! ROOM SERVICE! INCLUDED

The first night my brother ordered 4 meals! IT'S HIS 30TH BIRTHDAY HE CAN DO WHAT HE WANTS, OKKKKUR.


Each night the Dining room meal options change! This was good and bad. The first night they had shrimp fried rice. I WANTED TO EAT ALL OF IT. So yummy! The next night...GONE! I will think of you often shrimp fried rice! What i'm trying to say is THERE'S SO MUCH FOOD!!!!

I want to end this with our favorite moments from the trip.


Tyson's favorite part was, playing ping pong with a Chinese Ping Pong Champion! When in the world are you going to be able to say you did that! A CRUISE SHIP!



I was such a proud wife!! He kept up and she was impressed!



My Favorite part was... being able to re-create the Titanic "Jack i'm flying" moment!


This was something I never thought I would be able to "recreate"

Thank you to Team Simmons for making our dreams come true!

This trip was unforgettable!

I felt like a mermaid out at sea.

I can't even explain the blissful emotions I felt!




If you're planning your next family vacation, think about Carnival Cruise Line!


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