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Baking and Cleaning on butcherblock countertops

They say the heart of the home is in the kitchen... that's so true for us!

When we bought our home last year we started remodeling the kitchen and went with butcher block countertops!

We stained them this dark, rich brown and sealed them with a food-safe sealer!

We had so many comments and concerns about the butcher block!

Is the water around the sink going to warp it??

Will you constantly have to re-stain it??

We knew from previous experience, all we needed to do was has a safe, non-toxic cleaner that wouldn't eat away at the sealant or wipe away the stain color!

Thankfully, I was doing research trying to find non-toxic products when I started having kids and Naturally It's Clean quickly became our family favorite!

I don't care about the mess because I know making memories and family traditions outweigh any mess we could make!

My kids are able to help me with every process from baking to cleaning up the mess together!

When I first heard Naturally It's Clean was an enzyme cleaner, I'll be honest I had no idea what that really meant... so I went to their website to get so,e answers.

Enzymes are nature's most powerful cleaner because they rapidly biodegrade natural soils into their basic elements... so think of it like this...Enzymes "eat" the mess and break it down.

Enzymes also need some time to work, activate and give their full potential to the mess, so make sure you’re not just spraying and wiping away immediately, they really do need time to break it down!

Naturally it's Clean has a variety of products that will help clean every room in your home!

They have cleaning bundles that make shopping a breeze!


Check out their website use code lindsey10 at check out and save a little while you try out these products!

If you were on the fence about butcher block countertops I'm here to assure you they are durable, long lasting, and family friendly! Get the right cleaner and treat them with love! #naturallyitsclean




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