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Give Your Fridge A Whole New Vibe - Naturally it’s Clean®

Name a place you visit three times a day or more?


Have you seen all these viral trends on the internet lately about re-organizing your fridge?

Making everything look esthetically pleasing to the eye!

Color-coded, stackable containers, clear bins -

I did a Google search on the prices of those clear bins and they can range anywhere from $5 each all the way up to $50 each!

I’m not about to drop that huge chunk of change!

No doubt it does create happiness and great organization and most likely saves you time .... soo...

Here’s to trying to give my fridge a whole new vibe with some mason jars!

At my local grocery store, they had a 12 pack of jars for less than $14!


First, you’re gonna start with cleaning your fridge!

We all know things spill, crumbs just *appear* and hard little pieces of who knows what end up in the corners!

The cleaning product you chose is a big deal!

Especially when you’re cleaning your fridge and food is involved!

Having a cleaning product that has harsh chemicals could leave behind residue and could affect your food - nobody wants that!

That's why I always choose, Naturally It's Clean!

It's actually a Plant-Based Enzyme Cleaner!

It's free of harsh fumes, vapors, phosphates, chlorine, and petroleum!

It works exclusively on organic materials.. grease, oil, food, fats, starch...

Choosing Naturally It's Clean Plant-Based Enzyme Cleaner over harsh products allows you to get the job done successfully without using harsh chemicals!

Which couldn't be more fitting when you're cleaning sensitive areas like the refrigerator!


Let's do it...

Remove all of the food from your refrigerator

Wipe down, top to bottom removing all crumbs.

Start by shaking your spray bottle...

Spray Naturally It’s Clean multi-surface cleaner, and let it soak!

Wipe it, or if you have to - scrub those stubborn spots!

The Multi-surface cleaner is definitely my favorite cleaner Naturally It's Clean has!

It works so well removing the grim and not leaving a harsh scent behind!

Plus it's safe! I don't have to worry about residue left behind or my kids getting ahold of it!

Ok, now that it's cleaned out I'm able to start putting food in the jars and arranging the shelves!

Just like *that* it's done!

There's nothin' like having a clean and organized fridge!

As I said earlier, we open the fridge on average 3 times a day - so no doubt this will bring me some happiness!

Each veggie jar is about exactly how much I make per meal so it's nice to see what I have and how long it will last!

I put all our condiments in the drawer just so they aren't taking up valuable realestate!

The doors now have "grab and go items", defrosted meat for dinners and items we use multiple times a day!

I love it! I think I love how clean it looks!

Plus, packing lunches has been a breeze!


When was the last time you cleaned out your fridge?

Grab Naturally It's Clean products by clicking HERE and get your cleanin' on!

Naturally It's Clean mission is to safely and effectively clean your home, without caustic chemicals!

You can check out Naturally It's Clean on Instagram as well!

Drop a comment below and let us know if you've tried Naturally It's Clean products before!


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