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Muscle Movers - Taking The Stress Out Of Moving

When it comes to moving, it’s an overwhelming adventure. Winter is not only the purest and coldest season of them all but it also gives families a unique opportunity to indulge in winter activities such as building a snowman with your child in the backyard of your home, sledding down the neighborhood hill, or enjoying hot cocoa by your fireplace. The truth is, winter moving is actually one of the toughest types of relocations you might ever have to do. So if you are forced to move during this season, there are a few tips to help you and make it as successful for everyone involved.

  1. Consider Your Options - If you are moving locally, you might be tempted to try and move yourself and your family. Renting a moving truck from a reputable truck company is key, loading and securing your packed moving boxes and wrapping up furniture pieces to protect them as you try to move in the sludge and snow can be difficult. Then you need to think of driving the rental truck safely to your new home. Let’s admit, it might be too much for you, your friends and your family to attempt to do this not to mention you don’t know what the weather might be like. It could be strong ice-cold winds or a blizzard. A pro to moving in the wintertime is the prices will be considerably low. The winter months are known as the heart of the off-peak season and most of the good moving companies lower their rates with the purpose of securing enough relocation jobs to keep them in business until the start of the next moving season.

  2. Keep Paths Cleared- One of the biggest tips to moving in the wintertime is safety. No matter how you look at it, your winter schedule move can be dangerous even if you do everything in all your power to keep things safe for all involved. Your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks should be clear all-around your home. If you don’t do this someone who could be carrying a heavy box or bulky furniture could fall to the frozen ground and have a nasty injury. To avoid this, you’ll want to find a snow shovel and bags of salt or sand to be sure. Additionally, make sure that any parking area for your moving truck or cars is also cleared.

  3. Hire A Professional - If you live in the Utah area, you’ll want to call Muscle Men Movers LLC. They can help bring your heavy items down the stairs, to their moving truck and then safely transfer it from their vehicle to your new location. Do you just have a few large pieces you want to be moved instead of your boxes? These Ogden Utah piano movers professionals can move just that including your baby grands, armoirs, or couches. They can help bring your heavy items down the stairs, to their moving truck and then safely transfer it from their vehicle to your new location.

  4. Wear Protective Clothing - Be sure to wear appropriate winter clothing to stay warm. Keep your feet warm and dry by selecting your best part of winter shoes with excellent anti-slip soles to get you safely through the day. Protect your fingers and hands with durable work gloves to help you move items, boxes, and other items to and from your car. If you hired people to assist, offer them warm drinks such as hot cocoa or tea to help them warm up if they are assisting you move back and forth as well.

When it comes to your winter journey, also take into consideration the shorter and darker days. You’ll want to have the moving company or friends and family who are assisting you to move to come early in the day to avoid having to drive during the night. If you are planning a road trip to take more than a day or so, arrange in advance a suitable place to spend the night. This can either be at a hotel or a friend’s home. Be sure to have an emergency contact list and be ready to accept whatever helps is offered. This is a new start for you and while it might be scary at first to move during whatever winter throws at you, it’s also fun and makes it an adventure that your family will remember!


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