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Naturally It's Clean - Fun Game To Get Kids Involved With Spring Cleaning!

All of us can’t be clean at the same time! It’s me, the kids or the house!

Oh, but wait!

Why don’t I just purchase non-toxic cleaning supplies that are plant based and make a game of it!


Naturally It’s Clean is a plant based enzyme cleaner that is committed to bringing you the most effective and safe cleaning products for your healthy home!

These enzyme cleaners are completely safe for kids and pets!

Choosing enzymes over just soap or harsh cleaners allows you to do the job precisely and effectively without the collateral damage inflicted by toxic chemicals!


My kids are 5 and 2 and they surprisingly love to clean! Especially if we put on some fun energetic music! It really sets the tone!

I’m trying to introduce cleaning in a fun way (if that's really even possible) to my 5 year old and of course the little sister is close behind watching and also wanting to be involved!

Here’s an easy game you can play to help get your home Spring Cleaned!


Spring Cleaning game with kids

⭐️Label pieces of paper or popsicles sticks with 1 thing that needs to be cleaned in each room of the house (think scavenger hunt and keep in mind what NIC products you have on hand)

⭐️Put in a jar/bowl once you’re done

⭐️Get out your Naturally it’s clean products and spread them out

⭐️Have your kids pick one piece of paper/popsicle stick

⭐️Assist them with reading it and picking out the coordinating enzyme cleaner!

This time we picked

“wipe out kitchen cabinets”

“Clean stainless steel”

Shake, spray, soak, wipe, scrub! Time to clean!

This fun game gets my kids really pumped about cleaning and gives me peace of mind knowing they are safe!

I don’t think my kids even realize they are learning crucial life lessons!


I encourage you all to check out

⭐️ Earth-safe ingredients!

⭐️ They use 100% post-consumer waste recycled paper whenever possible!

⭐️ Grade 2 or better re-cycle class plastics for all reusable packaging!

⭐️ NIC enzyme cleaning products are non-toxic to people, pets, and the environment!

See for yourself the power of enzyme clean!




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