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Now What's for Dinner? Inspiring Happy, Healthy Food For Kids!

I partnered up with my friend Mimi to show off all these toddler plates!

This tastes like, h a p p i n e s s !

No matter your chefy skills here's a step by step guide to help you get creative in the kitchen!

"I have been SO excited to make a blue smoothie bowl since I got my @e3live Blue Majik powder. This vibrant blue (Walt’s favorite color) is ALL NATURAL baby! It’s a proprietary extract of blue-green algae spirulina. It’s full of vitamins (especially B12), enzymes, and minerals. It’s antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and promotes brain health. I mixed the Blue Majik powder with bananas, pineapple, coconut yogurt, coconut water. The toppings are really what packs the flavor in this little bowl. I added the most colorful fruits I had on hand- kiwi, raspberries, dragonfruit, and mango. A ton of vitamin c, fiber, and antioxidants. Lastly, I added chia seeds for a little crunch and extra omega-3s This made a really big mess when I served it, but cleaned up easily. We had a lot of fun discussing the fun colors and different fruits. He loved it!"

"Eat the rainbow!

Trader Joe’s vegetable radiatore colored naturally with spinach, beet, red bell pepper, and paprika + a little EVOO and @bragglivefoodproducts nutritional yeast (yay b12!) because apparently my 2-year-old doesn’t like red sauce anymore even though it used to be his favorite -Rainbow carrots -Rainbow cauliflower and rainbow broccoli from TJ’s. Okay, this is pretty cool. It’s grown in volcanic soil in Cotopaxi at high elevation in the Central Andes mountains of Ecuador. They are naturally colored!! And come in a frozen bag so also very easy. Took about 7 min to cook on the stovetop. -Blueberries because they’re the current fav fruit. And because Walt grabbed them at the store while I wasn’t looking and put them on the conveyor belt at checkout! Sneak as much fruit into our cart as you want, kid! These are the juices little oranges I've ever had! .. Crowd please because it has a leaf on it and that is HILARIOUS to my 2 year old!"

Breakfast: Overnight oats, rainbow fruit salad, roasted sweet potatoes

Overnight oats are one of my favorite go-to's these days. They’re so EASY. Oats are a rich source of protein, magnesium, iron, and fiber. No additives, no preservatives, 100% oats! At night, I put them in a jar, add almond milk, flax seeds, and a little vanilla. I mixed them with wild blueberries, but you can add any fruit to make them really yummy! watermelon, papaya, mango, kiwi, blueberries

Tropical smoothie bowl I was thrilled to find @pitayaplus in the frozen section at @wholefoods because of its vibrant pink color and health benefits. If you’ve been following me for a bit, you know that I love to play with vibrant colors found in nature for toddler food prep! So what is pitaya? It’s also known as dragonfruit. Some varieties are white inside, but this has a dark red color. It’s rich in magnesium, high in fiber, a good source of iron, and rich in vit B, vit C, and antioxidants. What I like about @pitayaplus is that it’s organic, non-gmo and has nothing added. They just make it easier by pre-portioning pouches for smoothies or smoothie bowls. I added one pouch of pitaya, 1/2 cup frozen mango, 1/2 cup frozen banana, and 1/2 cup coconut milk. Toppings: star fruit, papaya, kiwi, blueberries, and our new obsession: @dangfoods coconut chips. They add the perfect amount of crunch to a smoothie bowl! They’re also a great snack on their own. These “chips” are simply roasted Thai coconut slices with a little cane sugar and salt added. That’s it! Non-gmo, no preservatives, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, 100% vegan - dang, that’s good!

"Sweet lunch!

I had never heard of this concept until I worked in a preschool in Prague. The kids got so excited when it was “sweet lunch” day. Usually it was a sweet bread dumpling covered in vanilla sauce. What a fun way to mix it up every once in a while by offering “sweet lunch.” I didn’t exactly intend to give Walt sweet lunch today... this was actually supposed to be breakfast, but I didn’t have all the ingredients I needed but I went with it, and it turned out to be such a fun treat on this dreary Monday. I used the @artofdessert vegan waffles recipe and omg they’re seriously the best waffles I’ve ever had. Then drizzled @lekkco all natural dark chocolate spread (vegan!) and added strawberries. Walt could not get enough. He had two plates! It’ll be back to kale bites and fresh fruit for dinner, but sweet lunch was just so much fun. Have you ever tried sweet lunch?"

"Roasted winter veggies: butternut squash, parsnip, and carrots with rosemary. Berry quartet: blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries, oh my! High in antioxidants and vitamin C. Great for a growing little brain!

And for the main event: I made the @elavegan quiche! This quiche was made with NO EGGS, CHEESE OR MILK and it’s still DELICIOUS. I used bobsredmill garbanzo bean flour, almond flour, and egg substitute for this gorgeous dish. @earthbalance butter, and @tempt_hemp hemp milk. Also inside: sautéed spinach, tomatoes, garlic, onion, and bell pepper. all on a bed of spinach. Because who knows, today COULD be the day my toddler decides to eat raw spinach! Anything is possible!"

"This took practically no effort. I wanted to create a healthy snack that my toddler would find interesting. Just looked in my fridge to see what I had and decided to arrange it like a rainbow. I love to let him try new foods and explore the textures, colors, and tastes. If he picks something new up and looks at it, it’s a win in my book. That counts as exposure! It’s also a win if your child puts a new food in their mouth and decides to spit it out, because they tried it! Even if they don’t like something immediately, wait for a little while and reintroduce it. Even if that means you put one sliver of carrot in their pasta. Maybe they will eat it or at least notice it. Another tip for baby-led weaning: try to eat the same things you feed your child. Walt is way more likely to eat something new on his plate if he sees mama or dada eating the same thing saying, “Mmm!”

"Snack time!

One of my favorite tricks for getting Walt to eat whatever I put on his plate is using tiny shape cutters. Today, I used leftover papaya, pineapple, kiwi, and those red blobs are raspberries. When I’m done using the shape cutters, I throw the scraps in the blender and make a smoothie or I put them on chia seed pudding! Yum.⠀ I made this chia seed pudding last night in less than 5 minutes. Chia seeds are a great source of protein, fiber, and omega-3 fatty acids! They’re also a fun texture and this “pudding” is delicious! I added blue majik powder to turn it blue. It also has a load of health benefits, including: protein, enzymes, minerals, and vitamins A, K, B12, iron and manganese!"

Easy stir-fry lunch.

"It’s finally getting a little warmer outside, which means I would rather spend my days on the trails than in the kitchen! But we still like to have a warm, filling lunch after our adventures.

What’s so great about a lunch like this is that you can make it your own. You don’t have to have the same ingredients I used! Roughly 1 1/2 cups noodles + 1 cup veggies + 3/4 cup protein + spices, sauces, broth. All I had in the freezer was peas + carrots, so that’s what I used! Plus leftover tofu and a little TJ’s soyaki sauce. You can get fancy and add ginger, garlic, mushrooms, onions, bell peppers, soy sauce, sesame seeds etc. And voila, a delicious meal that can be as quick and easy or as detailed and flavorful as you like."

"Love a good vibrant smoothie bowl! So messy, but so yummy and healthy! I asked Walt what color he wanted and he said green! So I pulled together a green smoothie Spinach + bananas + mango + coconut yogurt + coconut milk. Turned out surprisingly good today! Toppings are mango (champagne mangoes - our FAVORITE) + clementine + strawberries + blueberries. When serving smoothie bowls, I provide a spoon, a straw, and a towel Embrace the mess!"

Drink your greens! Green smoothie bowl: 1 cup spinach 1 cup mango 1/2 cup pineapple 1/4 cup peeled ginger 1 cup coconut milk 1/4 cup coconut yogurt Blue drizzle is @e3live blue majik mixed with a little coconut yogurt/milk Topped with chia seeds

I partnered up with my friend Mimi to show off all these toddler plates!

We hope you were inspired and rocked with knowledge!

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