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"That Christmas Drink" that blew up the internet

Crazy how 1 drink recipe can kinda change your life!

I’ve been a content creator for 5 years and this passed November I was shopping and I saw this glassware from Better Home & Gardens and 2.5 inch Glass Ornaments.. I pulled out the ornament and place it on top of the glass and it looked just like a Christmas tree! I knew Ineeded to make an easy drink recipe for the Holiday season!

I’m more of a mocktail girl so I came up with a red and green themed drink, Rosemary & Cran-Raspberry! I found a popular sound on Tiktok & Instagram and posted how I put it all together... and let me tell you the internet went wild! (watch the video)

4.3 million views on Instagram and 9.7 million on Tiktok and we’re almost at the 1 million mark on Pinterest too!

The feedback I got was overwhelming good! Everyone was tagging each other, so many requests for where to purchase and how big the ornaments were! The questions and love went on for a month a half and honestly it’s still going everyday!

I’ve had companies send me PR packages, I’ve gained over 30,000 new followers across my Mama Now What platforms and I’ve signed a few contracts with Food and Beverage brands!

These last two months have changed my life and I didn’t know 1 drink recipe held that power!

Thank you to everyone who watched, shared and loved the recipe!

Here is a link to the glassware - Better Home & Garden Stemless Wine Glasses

I came up with a Grinch drink and a Miss Congeniality drink so, make sure to subscribe so you don't miss those recipes! If you follow our Instagram or Pinterest you might have already seen it!

Drink Recipe-

Add ice to your glass (ice maker is from Silonn on Amazon)

Add a rosemary twig

Add loose cranberries

Fill 2.5 inch glass ornaments with cran-raspberry juice

When you're ready, pop the ornament top (carefully) and turn upside down on your glass (carefully)

(if doing this with children I recommend plastic instead of glass ornaments

You can add a splash or alcohol or keep it a mocktail!

Cheers to making everyday things extraordinary!




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