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Valentine’s Mocktail - LoVe pOtion Thyme

Updated: Jan 17

Valentine's Day is usually associated with romance, love and couples, but on the show Parks and Recreation the character Leslie Knope, played by Amy Poehler, celebrates Galentine's Day on February 13th as a way to honor and celebrate the friendships that she has with the other women in her life!

Galentine's Day has since gained popularity in real life and is now celebrated around the world as a way to celebrate the special bond that they have with their female friends!

So, cheers to Galentine's Day!

Let's show appreciation for our supportive, strong, and amazing women in our life!

Here are a few ways to celebrate:

1. Host a Galentine's Day party!

Invite your friends over for a special celebration filled with food, drinks, fun and dancing! You could even have a mocktail party

Here are two Valentine’s Mocktail recipes

Love Potion Thyme

• Sparkling Apple Cranberry

• Thyme

• Lemon slice

• Blackberry

Cupid’s Love Potion

• Cran-raspberry juice

• Rosemary

• Heart strawberries

Small pieces of dry ice were added to each Mocktail once it was poured to give it the “potion” effect!

I cut the tops of the strawberries at an angle and shaped them into hearts!

2. Paint night!

If you have a Ross near you, they have a great Art section where you can purchase bulk canvases for cheap. Then host a Step by Step Paint with me Party and pull up a YouTube video - FOR FREE! There's so many tutorials you can watch for free!

3. Share heartfelt books!

Everyone picks a name and whoever you get, you pick out a book that you think your Gal Pal would love! You could even start a book club and all read the same one!

Which ever idea you decide to go with, just remember to have fun

Happy Galentine's Day!


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