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We call it, Our Paradise Poo Room!

Okay, if you even clicked to read this post, you're my type of person!

Do you have a half bathroom?

AKA no shower/tub just a toilet, sink and if you're lucky - a window!

Well, we just bought our first home in #utah and we have this tiiiiiny little half bath on our main level.

When you opened the door it almost hits this toilet made for a toddler.. i'm not joking it must be from IKEA.


It has this basic mirror, standard little white sink and standard builders grade cabinets.

OH, and this old hideous light fixture!

I saw Wallpops on Instagram and right away I knew I wanted this half bath to be a little Tropical Oasis! [wallpaper was gifted] You know.. that's what every poo room needs to be, A little escape from what you need to do.

This is what we did:

We flipped the door so it opens out now: PRICELESSS - this make the bathroom 100x bigger!

BUT this took some work!

DO NOT RECOMMEND haha I'm kidding the end result was worth it, it's just not as easy as others make it out to be!

WALLPOPS WALL PAPER: $120 but we have 2 1/2 rolls left, enough to do my laundry room! - this style is Madagascar


BULBS: Lowe's $20

Butcher Block counter top: est. $100 this was left over from our kitchen remodel

Sink and Faucet: bought with the house - no cost there!

MIRROR: Ross $25

We painted the cabinet: left over paint.. BUT 1 gallon of paint can range to about $65

This wallpaper has completely transformed this rom into this little paradise!

I hope you find inspiration from our #halfbathremodel

Wallpops also has floorpops!

I should re-do the floors in here too!


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