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When The Clean Freak and The Plant Lady join forces, they chose Naturally it's Clean!

Okay, okay- let's chat about these enzyme cleaners!

We use them in every room of our home!


We remodeled our kitchen this past year and went with open shelving on one wall..

I love the look, But let me tell you - the dusting is almost every day!

But it only takes a few minutes to grab one of my reusable paper towels and spray NIC Multi-Surface Cleaner on and wipe away!

Gives me peace of mind knowing that I'm using toxic free, fume and vapors, and phosphates, and chlorine and petroleum FREE cleaners!


Our Living room... people called me crazy for getting a suede couch with two little kids running around but I knew it was nothing but a thang since I have my Carpet Cleaner.

Oh ya, you read that correctly!

Naturally it's Clean has a carpet cleaner that works MAGIC on upholstery and carpet!

Spray on rag or your choice of sponge and wipe down.

You'll thank me later!


Our Bathroom!

Should we keep it real?

Or basic because we all know we use the restroom..

NOPE... that's just not how we role around here!

I have two kids that are not in the potty training stage...BUT it's like they are!

It's always a mess and I never know what I'm about to walk into.

Then, they blame each other! BLAH, BLAH, BLAH

Like I said, It's a mess!

I'm cleaning every day.. and if not EVERYDAY then let's just pray no one stops by unexpectedly and needs to use your toilet cause WHO KNOWS!

Okay, enough poo talk!


Our bedroom!

We did a whole video/reel on Instagram about revamping your dresser, you should definitely check that out too.. but I wiped my dresser down with our Multi-Surface Cleaner, not even realizing how dirty it was!

So if you haven't wiped down your dresser, grab your cleaner!


We hope you can take this Crazy Plant Lady and This Clean Freak's word on Naturally It's Clean and know you're going to love these products!

If you wanted a recommendation, we suggest going with the Essentials Starter Kit - everything you need to really fall in love with these products!

Naturally It's Clean products are safe - they're free of harsh fumes and vapors, phosphates, chlorine and petroleum!

They're all natural, plant based cleaners.

These enzymes speed up natural processes to return organic matter back to basic elements like carbon, hydrogen and oxygen!

They are safe around pets and kids, so its easy to get them involved!


If you've read this far you deserve 15% off!

Use code Lindsey15 at checkout!





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