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Cleaning up Your Outdoor Patio Space


With the weather warming up, we are ready to get outside!

I need to get my deck cleaned up and the first thing I do is grab my Naturally It's Clean Multi-Surface cleaner so I can get everything cleaned up!

This cleaner is made up of Pure Enzymes from plants making it completely safe!

Enzymes are nature's most powerful cleaner because they rapidly biodegrade natural soils into their basic elements.

So I can spray my BBQ down, and tables and wash it away knowing it's not going to harm my surrounding plants, my kids, or my Dog!


After everything is clean, these are the 3 most affordable items I must have for my outside space...

  1. This $5 bird feeder from Target! I love to hear the birds chirping and watching them snack and fly around! The bird poo is definitely a crappy part - pun intended - but I think it's all worth it... especially when you have a good cleaner to help!

2. This shade sail and solar string lights from Amazon - The sail shades so much during the day and then the lights at night give it this romantic, cozy feel!

3. Thifted patio furniture- Outside furniture can be a bit pricey so I went to our local thrift store and got this dining table and chairs!

With the shade sail, lights, and thrifted furniture it gives me the indoor/outdoor vibe - plus if one of the birds poop on it, not a biggie - just grab your Naturally It's Clean spray, and boom you're good!

Are you ready to get outside and start decorating your outdoor patio?

What's something you have to have on your patio?

Drop a comment below and don't forget to visit naturallyitsclean.com - use code lindsey10 and get your enzyme cleaner!

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